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About Us

Kevin Dodson

CEO & Founder

Kevin serves as CEO for BMOS Consulting in Dacula, GA. Kevin’s responsibilities include: company vision and strategy, business development, resident pianist and singer, and community engagement.

Prior to founding BMOS Consulting in 2019, Kevin served as Director of Information Technology for Silvercare in Meridian, MS from 2005 to 2009. In, 2009, during the economic downturn, Kevin assumed the role of Distribution Manager at Avery Dennison where he lead the initiative to convert the picking operations to a voice picking system. Kevin distinguished himself as a thought leader and strategic partner utilizing Six Sigma methodologies to reduce waste and improve operations throughout the warehouse environment.

In 2013, Kevin partnered with AT&T to facilitate the 4G infrastructure build across MS, AL, and LA. In this same year, Kevin founded a Keledo Properties, a multipurpose real estate services company servicing the Meridian, MS market. In 2016, Kevin moved to Atlanta, GA to be the Director of Integrated Logistics for Embraco North America. Managing 8 3PL warehouse operations across the US, Mexico, and Slovokia, He facilitated a 1.2MM cost reduction project for inventory in transit while improving operating efficiencies by 33%. After 14 years of supply chain and logistics operations management, Kevin returned to Information Technology focusing on the area of Cyber Security. In 2019, he partnered with eFortresses to begin working with clients in a consulting capacity to build security programs and conduct security assessments.

Kevin has one of the most diverse and distinguished supply chain and logistics track records in the Southeastern, US. For over 15 years he has worked with nearly every supply chain configuration and warehousing operation type in five states. Coupled with his expertise and experience in cyber security, having has become a highly sought after subject matter expert (SME) by institutions, business, investors, and government contractors. Armed with his trusted piano and silky smooth voice, Kevin is one of the most entertaining public speakers in the supply chain and cyber security business.